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Olena Lepeshyna, 05.12.2014


Dear Guest, let me introduce myself ))).

My name is Olena Lepeshyna.

At this time I am an owner of OLCG (consulting company, Kyiv, Ukraine), We do marketing researches, write business plans, improve business processes.

Previously I have been working in a consulting company MedExpert that works in a field of healthcare management. It took 10 years of my life. Here I started my work in a position of the analyst in 2007 and took the Director position in 2014.  All of our projects regarded to the Ukrainian medical market or medical centers managing. I started my work in healthcare by joining the team of Isida Clinic ( in 2003 with a position of economist. Later I became a Head Economist of Isida. Before that time I had been working in IT-company for 7 years.

One of my favorites is the Annual Conference “Medical center: organization and management” (, that I developed in 2011 and set up in cooperation with ms. Olena Babich (fb).

This blog is about my thoughts, my experience and some my dreams. Most of the posts are connected to healthcare management. The reason of it is the field of my work. I will post some articles in English language because I think that information about the Ukrainian healthcare management specificity can be useful for foreign companies looking for business opportunities in the medical market of Ukraine.

If you have any questions, please, write me via  facebook or linkedin.

Olena Lepeshyna

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