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The main ways for private medical centers to be created in Ukraine

Olena Lepeshyna, 25.12.2014

wayThis article is about the most common ways of creating of a private medical center in Ukraine.

  1. The first way. A medical center as a result of doctors’ personal wishes.

A doctor wants to set up his or her private practice.

This is the most prevalent way in our country. Many well known doctors open their private medical offices. Some of them continue working in government hospitals or outpatient polyclinics wherein.

Later these private medical offices can grow to little medical centers. There are a lot of such samples.

But we have some examples when a private practice increased to the network of medical centers. This can be said about the VIVA Clinic (Kyiv, Ukraine) for instance.

  1. The second way. A medical center as a result of a non-medical initiative.

This is a situation when there is an initiator for setting up of a medical center. This person is not a doctor but he or she is acquainted with a well known doctor. This doctor is expected to be the key person of the medical center and he or she can be or should be a director or a medical director of such medical company.

Why it is important in the Ukrainian life to have a key doctor in a brand new medical center? We have two reasons for this. The first one is the Ukrainian patients. For today, most of patients try to find a doctor but not a medical center.

The second reason is the medical staff. In our country it is very important for medical staff to have a general manager that has a medical education. This is a matter of managers’ weight. For managers that are not doctors it is difficult enough to obtain respect among the medical staff. These days there are not many clinics with general managers that do not have medical education in Ukraine.

  1. The third way. A medical center as a result of market needs.

If there is an empty or almost empty field in a medical market of the region it can be a reason for a new medical center to set up. The market researches show the needs of patients’ demand and investors can make an appropriate decision. Of course good management has a huge importance too but sometimes the format of the medical center can be significant.

I have to say that in Ukraine the medical market in such way is not very accepted. Intuition or private assumptions of investors are more common.

But for today we already have some examples of medical businesses that began their projects from the medical market researches.

For instance I can say this about St.Paraskeva’s Medical Center in Lviv, Ukraine. Our company MedExpert did market research for this medical center with the aim of giving necessary information about the medical market conditions in the region for investors. It helped for developing a right direction for the centers efficiency and popularity. St.Paraskeva’s Medical Center in the region of Lviv shows that investors’ decision were right.

  1. The fourth way when investing in medical centers, creating for a social effect

There are some examples of such ways for medical centers to set up, but I can remember any good examples. Instead of this I remember some examples when there were a lot of scandals around such kinds of projects in Ukraine.


Author: Olena Lepeshyna, 29 of December, 2014